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Seattle Attorney Wins Primary, Vows to Abolish Office

Seattle Attorney Wins Primary, Vows to Abolish Office

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, a Democratic abolitionist favoring eliminating the police, and an adamant supporter of groups such as Antifa, has won the primary to be on the ballot for election to the Seattle City Attorney’s Office. If elected, Thomas-Kennedy, will “single-handedly become the greatest threat to Seattle” says Seattle-based talk show host, Jason Rantz.

Seattle is poised to become the next Oakland or Chicago. Police budgets have been slashed. The article goes on to state that “over 300 police positions have been removed.”  This massive reduction in force, roughly 1/3 of the department, has been accompanied to the highest homicide rates in over 26 years.  Earlier this week, the City Council voted down a proposal for increased funding to the police department and retaining officers. Not having the funds needed to retain older and hire new officers will have a negative impact in a city where violent crime is on the rise. One group within the city that is causing increased unrest and disruption is the homeless population.

The homeless population is rapidly growing more unruly within the city.   As Rantz notes “The latest high-profile incidents involve a homeless mob attacking a young family and a tourist being viciously beaten and robbed in broad daylight. Two arrests reveal the suspects have long criminal histories.”  He continues, “this past July, the couple attempted to go into the homeless camp to retrieve stolen items after their car was broken into. They were chased out of the camp and attacked by sticks, rocks, and even a machete. The individuals leading the mob, John Rosser and Mario Miller, both have long rap sheets the article goes on to say, with “17 felony convictions and 7 misdemeanor convictions between the two of them.”  Both men were charged with 2nd degree assault.

Thomas-Kennedy released a statement on this event saying “there’s no justice in prosecuting people for crimes of survival and poverty, or in making the lives of people in desperate situations worse. The very least that the city attorney could do is to stop prosecuting people for most misdemeanors.”  Thomas-Kennedy has no problem releasing criminals with multiple convictions, or even no convictions, because she “doesn’t want the lives of people in desperate situations worse”. This kind of behavior will absolutely endanger the people of Seattle if  she is elected.  Criminals will walk free and the populace will be left to fend for themselves. 

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