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Two elite law reviews sneer at consumer law (CL&P Blog)

Two elite law reviews sneer at consumer law (CL&P Blog)

by Jeff Sovern

I have started submitting my article, Six Scandals: Why We Need Consumer Protection Laws Instead of Just Markets, to law reviews and in hopes of winning the law review lottery, decided to try my luck at the Harvard Law Review and Yale Law Journal (as if, as my students said about twenty years ago). Anyway, both ask submitters to identify the subject area of the article and offer a list of legal subjects from which to choose. I am saddened to say that Harvard omits consumer law from the list, though it does include animal rights. Apparently animals have rights worth writing about but not consumers. Et tu, Brute? Yale also leaves out consumer law, though it at least includes a checkbox for “other.” At Yale, both cyber law and military law exist but consumer law has been othered. At least I have one consolation: when they reject my submission, I can find comfort in the knowledge that they seem not to know consumer law exists. Oh, and if you are a law school professor, please urge your law review editors to make an offer for my piece, when I get past this blow and resume submitting it. And if the students at the Harvard Law Review or Yale Law Journal want to make it up to me, I can think of a way they could do that.

By the way, law reviews are edited by second and third year law students who cannot possibly be expected to know about the full range of legal subjects. (sob)

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